French developer Zero Games Studios and publisher Just For Games, part of Maximum Entertainment, team up to advance the future of motorsport together. Starting today, gamers and car-enthusiasts can create the Formula Extreme, a car that will represent what motorsport should look like in 2030 and beyond... Those who wish to be part of Hot Lap Racing and the development of the ultimate race car can fill out the survey found here:

Hot Lap Racing is expected in 2024 on Nintendo Switch™ and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store. Wishlist the game :

For a chance to be credited in the upcoming simcade racing game and see your creation on screen, choose the best components and design features in today’s community survey. Write the future of motorsport history using your imagination and knowledges, nom through Februarty 7th! The development team at Zero Games Studios will build the car with the most popular combination and integrate it directly into the game at the launch.

Additionnally, participants have the chance to win a Nintendo Switch™ :

Wishlist Hot Lap Racing now:

Hot Lap Racing is a “simcade” racing game powered by an in-house racing physics engine developed especially for the game.

Discover the history of motorsport from GT and prototypes to historic Formula 1 and race against your friends or compete online.

In Hot Lap Racing, players will drive mythical cars on legendary tracks that have the motorsport history through the years, as well as become the future of generation of motorsport with the Formula Extreme, a car entirely build by the community. In Career Mode, players will meet many real racing celebrities from the sport’s heyday.

  • Choose from a roster of over 30+ cars representing various motorsport categories and eras.
  • Experience **50+**layouts, including FIA licensed tracks.
  • Challenge real champions from rising stars to well-known drivers who contributed to the history of motorsport!
  • Career Mode: Embark on your journey as a young driver and strive to reach the pinnacle of motorsport. Master a wide range of iconic cars on legendary tracks and compete against the greatest drivers of all time.
  • Hot Lap Mode: Improve your lap times with each attempt.
  • Online & Offline Multiplayer: Aim to be the first to cross the finish line.

Hot Lap Racing is planned for release in 2024 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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