Just For Games Publishing today announced the change to its company name to Maximum Entertainment

Having joined the Maximum Entertainment group over three years ago, Just For Games Publishing is now entirely integrated into the international group, led by CEO Christina Seelye.

Over the upcoming weeks, Just For Games will change its name on social networks to Maximum Entertainment – Casual, reflecting this integration.

Maximum Entertainment will maintain its distribution activities across the video game, gaming accessory, retrograming hardware, and vinyl record sectors for the French market. Philippe Cohen, founder of Just For Games, hereby takes on the role of Global Head of Sales for Maximum Entertainment.

About Maximum Entertainment 

Maximum Entertainment is a global entertainment company dedicated to crafting indie to AA video game experiences through original content and licensed partnerships. A fully integrated group with a broad portfolio of content, the company emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity in its partnerships to produce the highest level of interactive entertainment.

With more than 300 titles in its catalog, Maximum Entertainment has joined forces with talented creators and renowned franchises around the globe to deliver magic to the gamer in everyone. Maximum Entertainment employs more than 200 professionals across the entire value chain of video games including development, publishing, transmedia, sales, and operations.

Visit Maximum Entertainment at www.maximument.com.