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Bye Sweet Carole is a narrative-horror game inspired by the greatest animation movies and created by Chris Darril. (Remothered series). Follow the last known trail of Carole Simmons and discover what is happening in the eerie Bunny Hall…

Set in the early 1900s, in an age where the phenomenon of the feminist political movement begins to shake the British nation, young Lana Benton, guest of the eerie Bunny Hall orphanage, is the only one to suspect that her best friend Carole didn’t just run away. The secret correspondence between Carole and a mysterious “French” pushes Lana to investigate enough to find herself surviving, poised between the real world and the fantastic kingdom of Corolla that, under the cruel influence of the terrifying Mr.Kyn, the insensitive owl Velenia, and the ravenous colonies of tar bunnies, is inexorably perishing.

Holiday Season artwork by Tasia MS (DC Comics, HBO, WarnerMedia…)

Halloween artwork by Omri Koresh (Lead Artist, American McGee: Alice: Asylum)

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