Today, Bad Seed and Just For Games are happy to celebrate the Crime O’Clock launch on PC & Mac ! The game is now available on both Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac and offers a couple of new features!

Crime O’Clock is available right now on Steam for 19.99$/19.99€ with a 15% launch discount for a week!

The Steam release adds to Crime O’Clock more Fulcrum Stories, the Steam Achievements and a simplified chinese localization!

Discover the launch trailer:

Discover the Five Villains and their special abilities in the Launch Trailer. Find all the culprits across 40 cases and fight bosses to prevent crimes from happening. Yes, we do have boss battles!

RAGE – Don’t let him manipulate you, you might end up doing something you’ll regret

OBLIVION Keep your eyes on him, or he might shapeshift again!

LEGACY – Be careful, when time travel is involved, you can’t escape the butterfly effect.🦋

CHIMERA – Don’t gaze at her for too long, as she might alter the rest of the room! 👀

AVATAR – Have you heard of Fractal Matrices? 🤔Don’t worry, you’ll know what it is when she crosses your path!

Crime O’Clock is now available on Steam, as well as on Nintendo Switch’s eShop, with a physical release also available in Europe & North-America.

Find more information about the game here : Crime O’Clock

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