Now available!

Travel through Space & Time!

Move through epochs and solve crimes to restore the True Timeline!

Gigantic Maps

5 maps to explore across all era ! A real time-travel trip!

E.V.E. AI Companion

E.V.E. is you new BAF, Best AI Forever!

She will help you across cases through various puzzle gameplay mechanics and clues, making you a real hacker !

Thousand Characters

Follow the daily routines of many characters across many time ticks.

What are they doing at any time?


At first, they seemed only time anomalies.
Crimes that, according to the True Timeline, shouldn’t have happened.

But, quickly, a pattern emerged: someone was trying to manipulate events and generating Nexus events.
Murders, thefts, hacked systems… every means seemed legitimate to achieve this goal.

Who is behind all this is still shrouded in mystery?

That’s why you have been called, Detective.
Will your skills allow you to solve this intricate puzzle?

I hope. For the good of humanity and all history, that must be preserved at all costs.

I’m EVE, your virtual assistant. I’m an advanced AI that will assist you.
I will help you, but everything is in your hands.

I have faith: my calculations confirm that you are the right person.

Good hunting, Detective.