BreakFirst Games, PID Games and Just For Games are pleased to introduce you the various activities to enjoy in INSTANT SPORTS Paradise. These additional activities come to extend the list of summer sports already available in the game.

INSTANT SPORTS Paradise will be available from August 27th 2021, to make summer last a little longer…  

And now, let’s discover the brand-new trailer about INSTANT SPORTS Paradise activities: 

Ice creams  

Delicious smells and tasty flavors, achieve the most orders in the allotted time to delight your customers!  


Collect seashells of different colors and shapes… Gather a complete family, and get a bonus point! 


Prepare delicious meals and slightly move the wok to diffuse the heat and speed up cooking, but be careful not to burn everything!  

Air Hockey

Want to relax between two intensive sports sessions? Come and compete with friends on air hockey! 

Insect hunt

Catch butterflies and all kinds of insects, fill your collection with a quick net! 

Metal detector

* BIP BOP * Precious gems and other minerals hide on Paradise. Don’t waste a moment, collect them all! 

Treasure hunt

Along your walks, collect treasure maps and go on adventures! 


Equipped with your fishing rod, discover many different species on Paradise! 

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