Vaulx-En-Velin, Montpellier, Saint-Ouen, France – March 25th 2021 – Breakfirst, PID Publishing and Just For Games are pleased to share today the 2021 roadmap for its family orientated franchise INSTANT SPORTS. 

In 2021, INSTANT SPORTS returns with three new games set in 3 different themes!

  • INSTANT SPORTS Tennis will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch in May 2021. Take the racket, train yourself through minigames and win matches against bosses, friends or family !
  • INSTANT SPORTS Paradise will take you on a journey to an island paradise. On the agenda: fun activities, idyllic atmosphere, but above all, big sports sessions with the whole family! Board to this new adventure this summer!
  • INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games : Spring break and summer break are now over, welcome to the Winter Holidays! Put on your skis and master the slopes in this snowy edition of INSTANT SPORTS dedicated to those who enjoy winter sports with family and friends!

Discover the first trailer which unveils a sneak peek of our three games by following this link : 

New graphic engine, new game mechanics, these even more ambitious new titles will fulfill the expectation of the largest number of players.

The INSTANT SPORTS motto is simple: make the whole family play, move, and above all have fun ! With an aggressive price point, the INSTANT SPORTS franchise holds its position with a series of games easy to play by accessible to everyone thanks to motion-gaming or simple controls.


INSTANT Sports Tennis is a wacky and fun way to play tennis with your family and friends.

Play with motion gaming and move your Joy-Cons just as a tennis racket!

On the field, challenge natural elements like storms, smash walls in an arkanoid-ish play style, master the gravity… and don’t forget to work your lesson with the Maths mini-game!

Play with up to 4 players simultaneously, smash, lobe, the field type is now having an impact on the gameplay – 10 challenging and entirely new mini-games…

INSTANT SPORTS Tennis: If it’s in the game, it might not be in THIS game!

  • 4 Game Modes
  • 15 different fields
  • 10 mini games : Tornado, Arkanoid, Gravity, Bombo, Maths, Target and much more !
  • 19 characters
  • Career mode with 29 levels , and even boss fights!
  • Hundred of customizations for your players.

More about INSTANT SPORTS Tennis is available on our website :