Breakfirst Games and Just For Games are pleased to reveal today that their cooperative escape game How 2 Escape is part of the Steam Puzzle Fest. You can now try it in its first playable demo!

Solve the first series of puzzles with your partner today and discover the unique gameplay offered by How 2 Escape.

Join the official Discord : to find a mate to play the game or follow @how2escape_Game on Twitter to get all the information!

In How 2 Escape, players will have to talk and collaborate to find the solution: one player, trying to escape, will play on a computer or console and the second, trying to help the first player, will play on a phone with the free dedicated companion app.

Internet is NOT required to play: whether you are in the same room, on the phone or on a chat app, anything works to play How 2 Escape together!

The only rule: It’s a game that relies on communication, so talk to one another and keep your screen for yourself!

Official How 2 Escape – Companion App is available for free today on iOS* (via Testflight) and Android

Player 1 on PC:


Player 2 on mobile :

Play Store (Android) :

iOS (iPhone/iPad) : (open from an iOS device)

*via Testflight pour iOS. Definitive version will come on App Store later.

(Re)Discover the first trailer :

How 2 Escape will be available later in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. 

Find more information about the game here : How 2 Escape

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