Breakfirst, and Just For Games are happy to share today the release of INSTANT SPORTS Tennis exclusively on Nintendo Switch through a new trailer! 

Discover the Launch Trailer :

The game is available in both digital and physical version and can be purchased here:

INSTANT SPORTS Tennis features a campaign mode to unlock new characters and accessories!

Campaign Mode: Get out of the gym, face the world’s greatest tennis players and become the king of the yellow ball!

Jinx – Gymnasium – What makes her special? Think (a lot) before you act!

Jinx is the real badass in your town, the one where you learned everything. She is your daily rival and opponent… She’s grown up with you and won’t miss a chance to hit you. Jinx loves competition, and this will be the first step before going on an adventure! What better way than to take on her lifelong rival?

Garreth – Workout Field – What makes him special? Lobbing like never before…

Garreth works his body as well as his mind every day. Intensive training and determination have made him one of the best tennis players in the world. His lobs, which have become legendary, have won over many opponents… before you!

Mistral – Olympe – What makes him special? He can control the wind.

Mistral is a professional “tenis” player from Greece and has joined the INSTANT SPORTS Tennis courts to bring wind and wonder to the court and turn your forehand upside down…

Remember, all his shots are winners!

Selena – Moon – What makes her special? She can control gravity.

Selena has her head in the clouds… Lunar backhands and solar smashes, her gravitational pull will send you into orbit during the match… Smash towards the stars and bring this dreamy big-hearted boss back down to Earth!

D.A.L. (TerminaDAL) – Field-Usine – What makes him special? No one ever came back to talk about it…

It’s over, your climb to the top stops here. The legend said that no tennis player has ever managed to beat D.A.L…. 

TerminaD.A.L. only shows himself to the best players. If you come across him, it’s because your career has already been proven! The few players who have crossed his path have never been able to bend the machine. Will you be the first to triumph?

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