Here comes the sun!

Available! (Switch, PS4, PS5)

INSTANT SPORTS + (previously known as “Paradise”) makes the sun shine bright on your family workouts! Travel to the other side of the planet and enjoy an experience up to to 4 local players, all on your cosy couch.

Key features:

Explore an open world: INSTANT SPORTS+ takes place in an Oasis full of history and mysteries. Blue lagoon, palm trees and hot sand… There’s a lot of secrets to discover between two workouts.

Cooperation & Competition: Play with or versus your friends. Challenge your own scores and break your limits.

9 Summer Sports: Have fun and give the best of yourself on exhilarating sports like Jetski, Seaplane, Bowling, Football, Ping-pong and much more.

Enjoy your Holidays: Be a real tourist, enjoy seaside chill activities which will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Unlock all kinds of character customization items: Leave your hotel with your favourite clothes. Surprise islanders and your friends with fun and astonishing outfits! Have you ever seen Santa Claus at the beach?

Even more with the next-gen: Improved graphics and triggers with force feedback (PlayStation 5 only) on several sports such as archery, mini-golf or bowling…