Guns Of Mercy

July 15th 2020

Limited to 3000 copies in Europe! European variant cover!

Guns of Mercy – Rangers Edition is a 16 bits retro gaming inspired by the classic Shooter and arcade games of the 90’s.
2032, the Earth is a vast and hostile wasteland infested by Aliens. The surface of the planet has been rendered uninhabitable since the great war against the alien invasion. Humanity has been reduced to living underground. But the menace is getting there. Be the Ranger that saves the planet and gives humanity it’s freedom back. Gather a team of professional Ranger and fight up to 4 players simultaneously. In all stage is eradicate all bosses and destroy all enemies to complete your mission.

Guns Of Mercy – Rangers Edition’s features : 

Superb gameplay and Pixel Art render.
 Dozens of enemies to fight.
 Merciless bosses to defeat.
 Solo mode or up to 4 players in Co-op.
 A modern games with all the retro family fun.


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Publisher / Developper



Nintendo Switch