FUNFIT : Ultra Mega Xtra Body Challenge

One session of FUNFIT and you will get an Ultra Mega Xtra Body!


Hey, I’m THE Coach, but everyone calls me Coach. Ever want to become an Ultra Mega Xtra muscular man like me? Then, you’ve come to the right place, buddy. Let me introduce you my foolproof body building program: Funfit! Just 1 session and you’ll see the results. Look at those biceps, don’t they look great? My program is Ultra Mega Xtra intensive. So don’t lose your motivation or ask your mates to come and support you! And together you’ll become real bodybuilders, before you’ve even had time to do a burpee!

What the f?!t? This cat is still having fun unrolling the toilet paper. I have to go, I have important business to attend to…

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Nintendo Switch

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