Devil May Cry Vinyle

Double vinyle deluxe rouge et bleu Devil May Cry.

Contient 21 pistes issues du dernier jeu de Capcom Devil May Cry 5.


Side A

Devil Trigger
Crimson Cloud
Devil May Cry 5 Titlescreen

Side B

Unbearable Pressure
Blazing Muscle
Lunatic Ray
Splitting Fool
Unavoidable Despair

Side C

Feel the Shock
Abyssal Time
Voltaic Black Knight
Unwavering Bravery
Diabolical Incantation
Legacy (Piano Improv Ver.)

Side D

Undeniable Fate
Psycho Machine
The Duel
Improvisation for Violin on a Main Theme “Legacy”
Silver Bullet
Legacy (DMC5 Main Theme)


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