Hello space commanders, we have a new version of Andro Dunos 2. The patch is now available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. All changes were already in the last PC version.

Xbox players, our version is still on the way ! 

All changes: 

  • Adjusted the priority of some character images.
  • Fixing of the image of the enemy in stage 4
  • Fixed unnatural dots in some images
  • Adjustment of sprites for some enemies, effects
  • Adjustment of some sound effects and musics
  • Fixed a bug in the attack of the middle boss in stage 7
  • Fixed the shutter of the escape scene of stage 7
  • Fixed BGM stop for the boss in 1992B
  • Fixed background of ranking and boss rush
  • Fixed momentary background reflection at the beginning of the stage
  • Fixed Blue glow in the opening sequence
  • Adjustment of the title logo in the opening demo
  • Adjustment of stage 5 background
  • Fix demo scene of stage 5 boss (body not visible)
  • Fixed Black background for the Storybird logo
  • Fix backgrounds for stages 2, 5, 7, Boss Rush, and 1992B
  • Fix stage clear background
  • Fixed a problem in stage 4 where enemy parts are not displayed.
  • Fixed a problem with the ending text being difficult to read.
  • Added an options menu at start
  • Added an options to change stripes and ratio
  • Added an option to activate a CRT Shader
  • Fix Blue Bubbles, some blue bubbles were not added to the score at the end of the level
  • The crab boss shadow in level 2 has been fixed, sometimes the shadow was displayed over the crab boss
  • Fix depth on just one sprite ennemy